Monday, March 1, 2010

the key to losing weight

i went on ebay and bought a weight watchers starter kit. it has the points list and a shopping guide. so all foods have a certain point value. i way a lot and get to eat 26 points worth of food everyday. i changed my eating habits a little bit but what i think really works for me is the soups. veggiesoup has zero points. i chop up leeks, zuchinis, carrots and bellpeppers and put them in a big pot with water. i add veggiebroth and let it cook until it looks soupy lol. i puree it a little bit, add salt and other spices. i usually eat whatever i like throughout the day but eat soup for dinner. i also eat ww cakes instead of regular chocolate. those cakes come in different flavors and have only one point. i also eat fruits with cool whip ( the no cal type) i don't go to the gym but i go for walks a couple of times a week. i also do about ten minutes of pilates (dvd) every other night. so all this is not a lot of work and i have lost 16 pounds since new years. i love food a lot ha ha so whenever i go out to eat i usually don't hold back but i make up for it the next day when i eat a lot of soup. the soup also gives me tons of energy and is very filling. i hope i can lose even more so i can look hot in a dress when chris comes home on RnR:)

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