Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a new do

i woke up this morning and felt a whole lot better. I guess those meds are finally working. I haven't gone groceryshopping yet but i took the kids outside and enjoyed the sun a little bit. It was a beautiful day and i had to celebrate my new found strength so i called the sitter and my best friend. the sitter watched my babies and i took claudia to a super fancy hairsalon. The owner is on tv, oh yeah!!! that fancy, ha ha ha. I got a very awesome haircut and feel sooo pretty. I came home earlier and told chris and he was happy to see me happy. I guess he thought it was a good time to ask for yet another x was a good time. ha ha. He had two or three of them already but they got lost or destroyed in iraq or during other wars at home. We fought over the last one a lot so he finally eliminated it. It seems to be the coolest thing downrange and i guess he needs one again. as long as he doesn't bring it home i guess i can live with that.
I miss him very much, my christopher, my super husband:) Still three months to go until he can come home on leave but we are already planning all diffrent kinds of trips we'd like to go on....It helps pass the time. The Babies help to. They keep me very busy but in a good way, i am not so overwhelmed anymore and after all i am not alone. Now that i've been so sick i learned who my true friends are and who really isn't. sad and good at the same time. anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy its late and i will go to bed now....i HAVE to go groceryshopping tomorrow!!!! Absolutely have to!!!

say a prayer

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