Monday, February 15, 2010

chinese food

rocks, especially when its an all you can eat bufett! It was awesome. Claudia, Tammy and i took our kids out for dinner on Vday. we all had a lot of fun. When i came home, the babies were so tired and went to bed right away. i then talked to chris a little but he wasn't in a good mood so we only talked for an hour. i think he really misses us now. i have gotten used to him being gone. i hardly ever get upset about it anymore, we even have his leavedates now so that makes it a lot easier too. it looks like we are staying in germany for that. the tickets for florida are still soooo expensive and now that i have a sitter we can have plenty alone time too. i would love to go though even though flying by myself with two children has to suck. we will see. maybe the ticket get cheaper and after all i have tons of friends to help me get on the plane and when i get there mami is gonna be there. i miss her. ugh......... its snowing again. it drives me nuts. i have to take viana to the doctor today to get her shots...chris usually does that because i start crying when they do that. i can't help it. but today its gonna be not like it.

other than that i don't have much going on. i think i'm gonna bake cookies for chris....

say a prayer

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