Saturday, February 13, 2010


so, the party was good, i found a new friend and to celebrate, we went on a date at yours for the best chickenwings i have ever had. they are sooooooooooooo yummy. so yummy, i had to go back yesterday with claudia and kayla. we took the kids to the faschingparade downtown. there were rides and loooooots of candy. anjali had a blast and the chickenwings afterwards made her day complete. i wish chris could have been there but he has to deal with stinky costumers at the gym in baghdad. he is not very happy with that job anymore so he will go back to the motorpool on monday.

today is valentines day. i have never been obsessed with it like many other women but last year we actually got a hotelroom, had a fabulous dinner at this super awesome restaurant and then went this year is the complete opposite.
i miss you honey!!!!!!!!!
there was suppose to be another parade but it snowed a ton last night so i don't know whats gonna happen now. I could bake a cake, but despite my love for chickenwings i keep losing weight and i don't want to push it...maybe....i i guess i'll just call the girls and see what they have to say.

say a prayer

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