Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i went home

and i really shouldnt have. its the same old story...me thinking i could depend on my family but in the end thats just not how it is. they are just what they are and that will never change. so thats that. i just have to get it into my head and not forget!!!!!

i did find a babysitter though and thats superawesome!!!! she is german, 19 years old and speaks perfect english. she is soooo nice and not too expensive. i am thrilled. she watched the kids saturday night and i went out with a couple girls. i had fun but was supertired the next day. it all went well. my babies never knew i was gone:) chris bday was sunday and we couldnt even talk. that sucked. but i dont think it effected him much. i think he has gotten used to being over there. now all i have to do is get used to being here. ha ha ha. by myself. i wish i could move in with family in the states. at least they care. except that great fatherinlaw of mine.... i call him my monsterinlaw. oh well. i think he just hates women in general. i best stay away from him too!
boy my life is boring....so i am hosting a coffee on thursday. i invited 12 ladies plus kids i must have been crazy....but i havent met half of them. we all met online on militarymoms.com. so i am excited about that.

anjali is getting better with her abcs and viana weighs 21 lbs....yep....thats big!

say a prayer

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